Cleaning your solar panels has never been easier.

What we do

Müller Solar is a nationwide company specialized in robotic cleaning of solar panels.

Operating in Commercial and Utility Scale solar plants, we offer service for all types of projects - on ground, rooftops, and floating - for sophisticated O&M companies and asset managers.

Our robotic solutions are designed for what works best in the field.

We increase your solar installation’s ROI, eliminating the short- and long-term financial losses of soiling on panels, and getting your panels back to top performance for higher production.

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robotic solar panel cleaning at commercial scale
solar panel cleaning service with robot
solar farm panel cleaning with robot
robotic solar panel cleaning at commercial scale
floating solar panels cleaning with robot
SolarCleano T1 robot solar panel transporter
solar panel cleaning service with SolarCleano robot
floating solar panels cleaning with robot
floating solar panels cleaning with robot
robotic solar panel cleaning at commercial scale

Why clean
solar panels?

The cost of cleaning your panels will generally be a small fraction of the cost compared to the cost of losing power generation due to having dirty panels.

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Due to the presence of sunshine and humidity, natural particles such as dust, pollen, ash, and lichens can get baked onto and trapped on solar panels. The combination of climate, in addition to manmade pollutants (such as vehicle emissions), work together to make these panels dirty, thus reducing their ability to generate power.

With continuous dirt and dust buildup, sunlight naturally bakes this layer of pollutant onto the surface of the solar panel, creating “shading.” This shading reduces energy generation by 20-30%, also reducing the ROI you expected with your solar installation. Unfortunately, even heavy rain won’t take this baked-on layer off.

Why hire our services?

We take care of everything!

Top quality and efficiency of our robotic cleaning

Professional service will adjust to your needs

Just say when and where and we will take care of everything else


Utility-Scale -
Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Turnkey solutions for all types of projects, from 1MW to 1GW
  • Fixed structures or trackers – angles up to 25 degrees (up to 45 degrees with Safety Glider)
  • Compatible with water, or without water
  • Minimal cleaning recommended: once a year (under-maintained sites accumulate dirt and foreign bodies that reduce the owner´s ROI well beyond the cost of cleaning)

Solar Farms

Commercial and
Industrial Rooftops –
Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Versatile solutions for all types of projects
  • Compatible with water, or without water
  • We can reach all types of rooftops with the same quality – no job is too big or too small
  • Safety first: Our remote-controlled robot eliminates or reduces the number of people needed to be at heights and hard-to-reach areas.

Distribution centers



Public & Government buildings

Schools & Universities

Parking structures

Floating Solar Farms -
Solar Panel Cleaning

Robotic cleaning utility solar panels near water
  • Remote-controlled technology to deal with difficult access points, often without walkways
  • Thorough cleaning to tackle heavy soiling, such as bird droppings (floating structures are a magnet for birds) and salt deposits (if in or near the sea)

Floating solar installations

Sales and
After-Market Service
of Solarcleano Robots

  • Müller Corporation is an official distributor of the state-of-the-art SolarCleano robots in the USA.
  • Revolutionary mobile solar panel cleaning solution developed to achieve the highest standards in safety, quality, and efficiency.
  • For wet and dry solar panel cleaning
  • With multiple interchangeable accessories that can be mounted onto the robot without compromising the integrity of the central unit
our robots specs


Quality: thoroughness and consistency. The depth of our robotic cleaning sets us apart, which translates to more production...

Efficiency and speed.
Faster than other cleaning options - one robot can clean 1MW – 2MW per day

Safety. Employees are kept off of heights and from internal panel edges, as the robot is fully remote controlled

Professional, hi-tech service. All our operators have been fully trained and have had to go through a rigorous solar module...

ROI. Müller Solar’s robotic solar panel cleaning is all about increasing your solar installation’s ROI - thorough and consistent cleaning...

Versatility. All types of solar installations serviced: on ground, rooftop or floating, with an inclination...

Nationwide. Nationwide robotic cleaning for commercial and utility scale solar plants.

Our Robots

  • Various types of brushes: From 47 inch or 86 inch, some larger than panel’s dimensions:
    Pollen - Lichen - Soiling - Bird dropplets
  • Cleaning surface with 47 inch brush: 11,000 sqft/h
  • Cleaning surface with 86 inch brush: 16,000 sqft/h
robot with blue brush cleaning solar panels
  • Mini robot with 31 inch brush. An alternative to our standard SolarCleano pro which is meant for professional cleaning companies using their robot on a daily basis and for mid to large scale plants owners.
  • Dimensions: 35 in L X 34 in W x 19 in H
  • Cleaning speed up to 98 ft/min.
  • Average cleaning capacity: 8,600 sqft/h
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robot cleaning utility solar panel in large scale plant

Mechanical specifications

Speed177 ft/min
Torque 110Nm/caterpillar
Weight 771 lbs
Width 3.93 ft
Length 4.27 ft
Minimum platform height 2.3 ft
Base platform height 5 ft
Base platform max. (full deployed) 6.17 ft
Protection IP54
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robotic transporter for solar panel cleaning robots

Müller Solar's FAQs

When your panels are dirty, your power generation is reduced. When dirt builds up, your panels quickly become shaded by a layer baked on by sunlight. Even heavy rain won’t take this off. The shading reduces energy generation by 20-30%, thus reducing the ROI of your solar installation.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory recommends cleaning solar arrays at least once per year. However, you may benefit from cleaning your solar panel more often depending on weather, humidity, vegetation, proximity to urban areas or to the seaside, angle of your panels, etc.
An annual clean-up has been found to improve energy output by as much as 12% when compared to panels that were only cleaned by rainfall.

The depth, consistency and efficiency of our robotic cleaning maximizes solar power generation and increases the lifespan of your panels. What sets us apart is our professional services with a focus on safety.

Our robot can clean virtually all types of solar commercial and utility scale installations (on ground, rooftop, carports, or floating) with a pitch of up to 25º (up to 45º with a safety glider).

No. Solar panels are generally designed to accept a load of up to 0.78 psi (5400 Pa.). As the robot exerts a maximum 0.60 psi (4200 Pa.), that is well within safety limits. Separately, the robot's rubber pads mounted on the traction tracks allow movement without vibration and without scratches on the panels.

A standard water hose connection is enough. Müller Solar will bring a water pump and hoses to perform the job. Water trucking can be provided by Müller Solar as well, if needed.
No need for electricity or any other utility, as the robot is battery powered.

It depends on your installation, but generally we clean over 1MW per day.


Find out more about the importance of cleaning your solar panels.

A new report by the International Energy Agency’s Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (IEA-PVPS) estimates that lost revenue from PV module soiling amounts to more than €3 billion ($3.2 billion) per year – an amount that is only set to increase as PV systems grow larger and more efficient. Soiling – where PV modules become coated with dust, dirt, sand or snow and thus receive less sunlight – is still an underestimated problem for solar power systems... Read More

Cleaning solar panels is not as stressful as you probably thought. The only maintenance that solar panels may need is to be washed due to soiling and dirt build up.

Google did a study, where they tested a set of flat panels and a set of tilted panels. They didn’t wash either set of panels for 15 months.

When they cleaned the flat panels, the production doubled overnight. 8 months later they cleaned the panels again and the output increased by 36%. As you can see, it’s definitely worth it to clean flat panels... Read More

Ever since we assembled a 1.6 MW solar panel installation at our headquarters in Mountain View in 2007, we've been wondering, "Does cleaning the solar panels make them more effective?" We thought it might, but we needed to be sure. So we analyzed the mountains of data that we collect about the energy that these panels produce — after rain, after cleaning and at different times of the year... Read More

Allowing the dust to accumulate on solar panels without adequate cleaning leads to huge monetary losses. Proper judgment of when to call for washing of solar panels is a compromise between gross costs of cleaning the panels and how much reduction in efficiency of solar panels can be tolerated. In this paper, we derive a formula for the optimal number of days between cleaning cycles of a solar array by minimizing the cost of cleaning the array and the lost revenue from the unclean panels... Read More

Considerable loss in conversion efficiency of solar PV system has been noticed due to non-availability of proper insolation and accumulation of dust particles on the panels or shading. A comparative study of various cleaning methods of solar panels has been done in this article with emphasis on the innovative idea of separation of dust by electrostatic precipitator (ESP)... Read More

The accumulation of dust, soot, or other particulates causes a drop in the efficiency of photovoltaic (PV) panels, which translates to a decline in the amount of power produced and lost income for their operators. Autonomous robots equipped with rotating brushes have been put to work in the Middle East to whisk away dust from solar panels. Such areas like California’s Central Valley where “soiling rates get sufficiently high and the rain sufficiently low,” it makes economic sense to clean the panels more than once a year...Read More

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